Clinical Bacteriology – Laboratory Categories

Laboratory Categories

Laboratories participating in the Clinical Bacteriology CMPT program are separated into peer categories (A, B, C, and C1) based on a recommended program-developed work-related weighted rating scale. The rating scale is based on complexity of samples processed.

picture of laboratoryCategory A Labs

Large laboratories that process critical specimens such as blood cultures and CSF. Category A laboratories usually receive more complex samples such as fluids, blood cultures, deep wound, tissues and complex anaerobic cultures in addition to the challenges sent to less complex laboratories.

Category B Labs

Intermediate laboratories that have substantial volume, but may not perform all critical specimen types, including blood cultures. Category B laboratories receive Gram smears, urine, respiratory samples, superficial wounds, genital samples, and occasionally uncomplicated anaerobic cultures.

Category C Labs

Small laboratories that process urine, throat, and genital samples and refer the rest.

Category C1 Labs

These are set-up facilities only. These laboratories only receive smears for Gram staining.

All laboratory categories receive Paper Challenges which address pre-and post- analytic issues.

Samples included per shipment for each laboratory category

CategorySamples for CultureSlide for Gram stainingPaper ChallengeSupplementary Gram*
ASamples 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5yesyes2 slides
BSamples 1, 2, and 3yesyes2 slides
CSample 1yesyes2 slides
C1yesyes2 slides

*Only those laboratories ordering this program.

The assignment of a particular category to a laboratory is left to that laboratory and the responsible accreditation program to decide.

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