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Caleb Lee receives UBC Pathology Technical Staff Service Award

CMPT is thrilled to announce that Caleb Lee, one of our staff members, received the UBC Pathology Technical Staff Service Award for 2017. “This award celebrates and recognizes the contributions of committed technicians and technologists whose outstanding performance enhances the
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Connections Spring 2017

VOLUME 21    NUMBER 1         SPRING - 2017            ISSN 1496-3876 INTRODUCING CANCAST It is important for Canada in this global environment to have an identifiable National Antibiotic Committee working with our global
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CMPT’s Video Challenge

As part of the February 2017 Clinical Microbiology survey, CMPT sent its first Video Challenge (VC164). CMPT has been using its Paper Challenge as a way to evaluate extra-analytical processes in the total laboratory testing process. This year, CMPT introduced
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BC Quality Forum

The BC Patient Safety & Quality Council held its annual meeting, 2017 quality Forum on March 1-3 in Vancouver, BC. We had the opportunity to attend a few presentations. This year, the focus was greatly on innovation to achieve improvement. The
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WHO Global Priority List

The World Health Organization (WHO) released a list of antibiotic-resistant priority pathogens that agency officials believe are the greatest threat to human health and should be the target of research and development for the development of new antimicrobial agents. On
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Introducing CANCAST

by Robert Rennie The importance of capturing the most appropriate clinical breakpoints for antimicrobial susceptibility cannot be overstated. Antimicrobial resistance has become a major consideration for clinicians and laboratorians alike. It is important that susceptibility breakpoints that are established are
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CMPT successfully completes ISO9001:2015 certification

CMPT was successfully audited by QMI  SAI Global and has successfully undergone certification for the new international standard ISO9001:2015. View certificate              
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CT171 Sample description

Clostridium difficile survey CT171 has shipped. You can access the sample description HERE

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Case History for M171

Clinical Bacteriology Survey M171 has shipped. You can access the Case History for each challenge HERE

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Speakers lineup for the POLQM 2017 Quality Conference

Check the lineup of speakers for the POLQM 2017 Quality Conference: Laboratory Quality in Challenging Times. LINK
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