Terms of reference

CMPT is a service program of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of British Columbia.

CMPT is a university based, multi-profession directed program that provides clinically relevant external quality challenge materials for the broad scope of tests performed in clinical microbiology.
The challenges are directed by standards and guidelines recognized and supported by the Canadian community of microbiology laboratories. It is a goal that the challenges be education oriented.
  • CMPT adheres to the philosophy that as a university based program, there exists a mandate to be education oriented, and to provide a platform to support academic pursuits.

  • CMPT is an independent body, and reserves the right of ownership of the information gained through its external quality assessment programs.
  • CMPT is an active member of the national and international communities of providers of external quality assessment knowledge and information. CMPT has a responsibility to share insights and knowledge through the broad range of verbal and written forums.
  • CMPT respects the confidentiality of laboratories that participate within its various programs. All information transmission is performed in a manner that respects the identity, privacy, and confidence of all laboratories.