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Connections Spring 2016

VOLUME 20    NUMBER 1         SPRING - 2016            ISSN 1496-3876 GENERAL MECHANISMS OF ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE IN BACTERIA An understanding of the mechanisms of resistance is key to the effective use of antimicrobials.  Knowledge of the mechanism is required to effectively test for resistance. The antibiotic era can
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CT161 Sample description

Clostridium difficile toxin survey CT161 has been shipped on May 16, 2016. The sample description and instructions can be accessed here (PDF).

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Case History for M161

Survey M161 has been shipped May 16, 2016. Case History for the samples can be accessed here (PDF)

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General Mechanisms of Antimicrobial Resistance in Bacteria

By David Haldane The antibiotic era can be said to have started in 1935 with the publishing of the discovery of prontosil, and a few months later the discovery of sulfanilamide, which was the active component of prontosil.  Sulfonamides became
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HPTA – Licences

As mentioned in our previous article, every laboratory or person that performs activities with human pathogens (risk level 2 or higher) and toxins must have a licence under the Human Pathogens and Toxins Act (HPTA). Duration of licence Depending on
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Welcome Xiuli (Julie) Qi, to CMPT

Xiuli Qi graduated with a M.Sc. in Administration from HEC Montreal in 2007 and then joined the Canadian Red Cross in Ottawa as Procurement & Logistics Officer for the International Operations. She also has professional experience in the public sector,

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Pauline Tomlin joins CMPT’s Enteric Parasitology Committee

Welcome Pauline Tomlin to CMPT’ Enteric Parasitology Committee We would like to welcome Pauline Tomlin to CMPT’s Enteric Parasitology Committee. Pauline is a medical laboratory technologist with the Provincial Laboratory for Public Health- University of Alberta Hospital  

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PD course: Module 3 Clinical Bacteriology just released

Module 3 Clinical Bacteriology quiz is now available A new module for Clinical Bacteriology (Survey M154) has just been released. There is time until the end of September to complete all quizzes for all categories. Participants must complete all the

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Yeast Screen 1604 final results

Final results for Yeast Screen survey 1604 are now available

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Preliminary Results for Water Microbiology

The preliminary results for Water Microbiology challenges W161, HPC161, and R161 are now available online

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