Clinical Bacteriology

External Quality Assessment for Bacteriology Laboratories

This program covers a wide variety of samples normally received by laboratories for bacteriology culture, identification, susceptibility testing, and Gram staining. The program is adaptable to different laboratory complexities.

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Four shipments per year – February, May, August, and November.

Shipping schedule

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1 – 5 Samples for culture, identification, and susceptibility testing per shipment depending on laboratory complexity

Urine, swabs (throat, wounds, genital), sterile fluids, sputum, tissue, blood cultures. Read more

1 Paper challenge per shipment

1 Smear for Gram staining per shipment

Optional: Supplementary Gram Program

2 Additional smears for Gram staining per shipment.


This program is particularly beneficial to small laboratories that receive sterile fluids for Gram staining and want to keep personnel proficient in interpreting results..

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Ships with Clinical Bacteriology twice per year (January and August)

Consists in 2 smears for Gram staining (sterile fluids) – All subscribed laboratories.

This optional program is offered to laboratories with a full year subscription to Clinical Bacteriology

The samples included in this program simulate mainly cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and joint fluid samples and is intended to be complementary to the Gram slides included in the Clinical Bacteriology program.

Contact CMPT Coordinator Esther Kwok for more information about our EQA programs                          604-827-1754