International EQA Training Program

The International EQA Training Program targets laboratory professionals that are interested in implementing EQA programs in their communities.

CMPT, an existing accredited and ISO certified program with a long standing ability to deliver products in a highly professional way, has provided education and training in EQA to participants from different parts of the world including Thailand, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya, Belgium, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and China.


vancouverThe course is suitable for laboratorians with a minimum of 5-years of experience in clinical microbiology and requires a 2-week stay in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This training is for technologists who are currently running a PT program or producing PT samples in their respective countries.


During the 2 weeks program, the participants receive instruction on External Quality Assessment, internal design of an EQA program, internal audits, and learn how to create simulated clinical samples that exactly mimic, or closely resemble, usual samples received from patients.

The Focus of this training will be on:

  • External Quality Assessment
  • Internal Design
  • Internal Audit
  • Creation of Clinical Sample Simulations for Clinical Microbiology

 In this 2-week hands-on laboratory experience learn to design:

  • Slides for Gram Stain
  • Urine samples
  • Cerebral Spinal Fluid/Peritoneal Fluid
  • Throat/Nasal/Wound Swabs
  • Feces samples for enteric pathogens
  • Stool samples for Clostridium difficile Antigen/Toxin testing
  • Blood cultures
  • Skin Scrapings


  • Drinking water
  • Recreational water

The format of the training will be discussed with the applicants to decide the most appropriate for each situation.

Please contact CMPT for more information.

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