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CMPT Participant membership

Participant membership is available to laboratories that subscribe to any of CMPT’s EQA programs

Benefits: Free Access to CMPT’s Professional Development course and to all educational Critiques for all technologists working in the participant laboratory.

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Continuing education membership

The continuing education membership is available to individuals that would like to benefit from the educational opportunities offered by CMPT (Professional Development course and educational Critiques) but are not part of a CMPT participant laboratory.

Benefits: Individual access to CMPT’s Professional Development course and to all educational Critiques.

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An educational critique is generated for every single challenge of Clinical Bacteriology, Enteric Parasitology, and Mycology EQA programs.

Each critique includes the challenge results reported by the participant laboratories, a discussion about the results, information on identification, antimicrobial susceptibility, clinical relevancy if applicable, as well as main educational points.

Critiques are written by the Expert Committee Members and are discussed by the whole Committee so that the points outlined in  each critique represent a unified view of the experts in each discipline.

Check these critiques examples: