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Summer 2022

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CMPT changes its name

CMPT has changed its name from Clinical to Canadian Microbiology Proficiency Testing to better reflect the scope of our programs that extend beyond the clinical field into environmental and now cannabis industry.

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New Programs coming soon

CMPT will be launching a pilot round for laboratories performing microbiology testing of cannabis.
CMPT is developing a Virology program.

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Certificate course in Laboratory Quality Management

Completely on-line 22-week course designed to provide knowledge, discussion, and expertise for those interested in Quality Management for Clinical and Research laboratories

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Expert Committee changes

Thank you Quantine Wong After almost 20 years, we say goodbye to Quantine Wong. Quantine has been part of our Enteric Parasitology expert committee since 2003. She has been and invaluable help to CMPT during all these years, volunteering her

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Welcome Dr. Lucy Perrone to CMPT

Dr. Lucy Perrone has started her appointment as the Donald B. Rix Professorship in Laboratory Quality and is now the acting Chair of CMPT and the Director or the Program Office for Laboratory Quality Management. Dr. Perrone worked as an

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Thank you Dr. Michael Noble – 40 years of dedication to Quality

Dr. Noble career began in 1978 as a medical microbiologist, but overtime issues associated with laboratory quality improvement became central to his work focus. Dr. Noble is the founding Chair of the Clinical Microbiology Proficiency Testing (CMPT) program. In 1983

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