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Spring 2021

ISSN 1496-3876                                             Spring 2021                               
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Shipping delayed again!!!???

This last year has been a very challenging one for us, and I have no doubt for all of our clients as well. From getting the denomination of essential service so all our employees could come to work and prepare
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Performance during the Pandemic

Last year has been an ordeal for many around the world.  Taking aside the risks, and unfortunate threats to human health that this year brought, organizations, institutions, and businesses have been definitely impacted, all too frequently negatively. Institutions (hospitals, laboratories,
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First survey released

Our first Covid-19 survey has been shipped. Although to a slow start, the second shipment in May will have 40 participants!

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COVID-19 Proficiency Testing Program

CMPT is launching a new Proficiency Testing for Covid-19.

This program starts March 15, 2021 with 6 shipments a year (one shipment every 2 months).

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Shipped: February 08, 2021 G204 – Wound: 3+ (6-10 /oif) neutrophils –3+ (11-50/oif) gram positive bacilli (Clostridium perfringens) M204-1 – Urine: Mixed flora M204-2 – Groin: Candida albicans M204-3 – Eye: Pseudomonas aeruginosa M204-4 – Wound: Clostridium perfringens M204-5 –

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