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Ensuring Diagnostic Testing Accuracy: COVID-19 and Point of Care Testing

It’s tempting to think of EQA providers as simply another step on the path to accreditation: a mandatory stop on the road to the real work of providing quality testing for patients, clinicians, governments, and customers. However, as guardians of

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Happy Holidays from CMPT!

Another year of proficiency testing, courses, and quality improvement in the books! Thank you to everyone who has worked with us this year, whether you subscribed to our PT programs, took our courses, served on our committees, or read our

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Name Change: To Change or Not to Change

A recent mycology Proficiency Testing survey targeted the yeast Candida or now called Clavispora lusitaniae. Approximately 30% of the participants reported the yeast with its current name: Clavispora +/- (Candida) lusitaniae while the other 70% or laboratories reported it as

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