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UBC Certificate in Laboratory Quality Management – 2024 Course Open for Registration

The 2024 LQM course offered by the UBC Program Office for Laboratory Quality Management (POLQM) is now open for registration Save your spot, space is limited. The Laboratory Quality Management course is a completely on-line 22-week course designed to provide
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Quality Times – Hosted by the C-45 Quality Association

The C-45 Quality Association hosts monthly virtual forums focused on Cannabis Quality. These Quality Times are led by members of the association to educate on Cannabis quality and safety and discuss best practices in the industry. Participants hear from other
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CMPT’s Customer Satisfaction Survey 2023

As an EQA provider, our customers’ satisfaction with our services is of critical importance to CMPT. Every year, CMPT designs and sends out a survey to evaluate the degree of satisfaction of our customers with our products and services. Whereas
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Fusarium Meningitis Outbreak

Keeping labs proficient in the detection of invasive fungi In June 2023, the US CDC published the first of communications regarding an outbreak of meningitis by Fusarium species in patients who had been exposed to contaminated epidural anesthesia in Matamoros,
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Development of proficiency testing program for the detection of influenza and RSV viruses using molecular and/or antigenic detection methods

This year, in collaboration with BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC), CMPT developed and established the respiratory virus proficiency testing panel customized to provide PT samples to various testing sites including point of care and hospitals.

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CMPT as a Quality Partner for Water Testing Laboratories

Over the years, CMPT collects a great amount of data on the performance of Water Testing Laboratories. As a proficiency testing provider, CMPT is in an ideal position to identify common issues affecting testing laboratories.
As a Quality Partner, CMPT can provide information on overall performance of Water Testing Laboratories and identify trends that can be acted on.

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External Quality Assessment of Laboratories Performing Microbiology Testing of Cannabis – A Pilot Study

The exercise was conducted in January 2023 by Proficiency Testing Canada (PTC) and Canadian Microbiology Proficiency Testing (CMPT). The main goals of the round were to assess laboratories’ abilities to competently perform the prescribed analyses and to identify any problems with the Scheme design.

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What is Proficiency Testing and why should testing sites participate?

Proficiency Testing (PT) is one form of external assessment of laboratories to ensure their ability to perform to the level of competence and quality required. PT programs evaluate the ability of a testing laboratory to process, analyze, and report a
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CMPT Continuing Education Opportunities: July 2023

Take advantage of CMPT and POLQM Continuing Education Opportunities   In line with this philosophy, CMPT brings several opportunities for continual improvement to the laboratory staff through continuing education courses offered by CMPT or our sister program, Program Office for

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New at CMPT: July, 2023

CMPT’s Catalog is now available The new catalog has information about all programs and continuing education opportunities we offer in one place, along with shipment details and photos of some of the lifelike samples we provide. Check out our catalog
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