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Final results Mycology Survey MY1804

The final results for the Mycology Survey MY1804 are now available. Check EQA Results / Mycology Results
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Final Results for C. difficile Survey CT1805

Final results for C. difficile survey CT1805 are available online Please check EQA Results – Clostridium difficile results  

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Preliminary Results – Clinical Bacteriology M181

The preliminary results for Clinical Bacteriology Survey M181 are now available. Please visit:
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Final results Shiga Toxin ST1805

Final results for Shiga Toxin Survey ST1805 are available. Check EQA Results – Shiga Toxin Results

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Enteric Parasitology Final Results

Final results for survey PA1804 are available now.

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Final Results EP1804

The final results for Enteric Panel Survey EP1804 are now available online

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Final Results AFB1804

The final results for Survey AFB1804 are now available online

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Molecular & Screening Survey 1804 Final Results

The results for Surveys MR1804, VR1804, GB1804, and CRE1804 are now available online.

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What is Alert Ready?

Alert Ready is designed to deliver critical and potentially life-saving alerts to Canadians through television and radio to ensure people receive alerts immediately and know when to take action to keep safe. Starting on April 6, 2018, Alert Ready will
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CMPT says thank you to Dr. Diane Roscoe

After 24 years of serving on the CMPT Clinical Bacteriology Committee we are saying good-bye to Dr. Roscoe, at least for the time being. Read more

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