New at CMPT: July, 2023

CMPT’s Catalog is now available

The new catalog has information about all programs and continuing education opportunities we offer in one place, along with shipment details and photos of some of the lifelike samples we provide. Check out our catalog here.

New Proficiency Testing Programs!

  1. Molecular detection of group A Streptococcus

Samples: 4 simulated throat swabs per shipment containing or not group A Streptococcus to be tested by molecular methods.

Ships: 2 surveys per year: April and August

Cost: $341.85 (whole year subscription, contact CMPT for August 2023 shipment only)

  1. Respiratory Viruses Panel

Samples: 3 sets of 3 simulated nasopharyngeal samples per shipment (Influenza A, Influenza B, and RSV) – RSV not suitable for antigen testing –

Ships: March, July, November

Cost: $700

Need PT for Covid-19 as well? Save $400 when you order both programs together.

  1. Cannabis Microbiology

This program is suitable for laboratories performing microbiology testing on Cannabis vegetation, edibles, and oil

Samples: 7 simulated samples per shipment:

  • 3 simulated Cannabis edible samples (candy) (Total coliforms, E. coli, Enterobacter spp.)
  • 2 simulated Cannabis flowers (E. coli, quantitative or presence/absence)
  • 2 simulated Cannabis oil (E. coli, presence/absence)

Ships: May and September

Cost: $900

Don’t find what you are looking for?

CMPT can accommodate a wide range of requests. If your lab needs a product that is not listed in our catalogue, we would be happy to discuss your needs and propose a solution that works for you. Please contact us so we can assist you further.


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