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What Happens When a Lab Fails PT?

What happens when your lab fails a proficiency testing challenge? Proficiency testing is, of course, necessary for accreditation, but what happens after receiving a non-passing grade? What needs to be done, and by whom? And why is the process designed

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New Antimicrobial Breakpoint Requirements from CLSI and FDA

What do they mean for Canadian Medical Microbiology Laboratories. R.P. Rennie, Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. In the past few months, The FDA and CLSI have created a requirement for testing laboratories accredited by United States

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ISO Accreditation for Medical Laboratories

And other topics presented at MedLab Middle East 2024 CMPT Chair Dr. Lucy Perrone was invited to give two talks at the MedLab Middle East Conference in Dubai in February and shares this report regarding major themes and topics. A

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Bacteria Identification Methods as a Factor Affecting Clinical Lab Performance

We are pleased to announce that Jennifer Wu’s poster: “Identification methods as a factor affecting performance of clinical microbiology laboratories participating in an external quality assessment program: A cross-sectional analysis of 6 years of data” has been accepted for presentation

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Customer Satisfaction Survey 2024

As part of our commitment to our customers and to the continual improvement of our products and services, we send out a customer survey every year. Our goal is to better understand the needs of our customers so we can

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Thank You Dr. James Karlowski

After 11 years of serving on the CMPT Clinical Bacteriology Committee we are saying goodbye to Dr. James Karlowsky.  Dr. Karlowsky has been and invaluable help to CMPT during all these years, volunteering his expertise, knowledge and services. Over the

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Carbapenem-Resistant Campylobacter species: Is Your Lab Ready?

Often highly effective at treating bacterial infections, carbapenem antibiotics are used to treat multi-drug resistant bacterial infections. However, a recent case study published in the American Society for Microbiology journal Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy reports that a Campylobacter coli infection

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Better Testing Needed to Combat AMR: WHO’s Response to Multi-Drug Resistant Gonorrhea

In July of last year, the World Health Organization (WHO) raised warnings about the increasing prevalence of multi-drug resistant gonorrhea in a number of countries in Asia and Europe, as well as in Canada. According to the WHO, low coverage

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Record High Enrollment in LQM and AST Courses

POLQM’s 2024 Laboratory Quality Management (LQM) and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing (AST) courses have officially begun! We are pleased to announce that we have record high attendance this year, and hope all our participants will learn from and enjoy these courses.

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Results of Our ISO 15189:2022 Short Course

The results are in! Almost a year after launching our ISO 15189:2022 short course, all participants who responded to our survey say they found it helpful. Participants have said the course is “enlightening”, and that they appreciate the simplified presentation

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