Lucy Perrone, MSPH, PhD

Dr. Lucy A. Perrone is a passionate, innovative leader of laboratory quality improvement programs and offers 18+ years’ experience building and leading multicultural, multi-disciplinary teams to strengthen health and laboratory systems.

Dr. Perrone was formerly the Director of Laboratory Systems Strengthening at the International Training and Education Center for Health and an Associate Professor of Global Health and Laboratory Medicine at the University of Washington. Since March 2022, Dr. Perrone is the Donald B. Rix Professor of Laboratory Quality, and an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Medicine in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

Dr. Perrone is currently the Chair of the ISO 17043 -accredited and ISO 9001 certified Canadian Microbiology Proficiency Testing Program (CMPT), and the Director of the Program Office for Laboratory Quality Management at the University of British Columbia where she leads the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine’s laboratory quality related programs.  She holds a Bachelors of Biological Science from Fordham University, a Master’s of Science in Public Health from Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, and a Doctorate in Infectious Disease Pathology from the University of Texas Medical Branch.

Dr. Perrone’s research and practice focuses on a systems approach to clinical and public health issues such as ensuring patient access to quality diagnostic testing, diagnostic network optimization ad sustainability, and improving laboratory quality, systems and governance. In her career, Dr. Perrone has worked closely with foreign governments, NGOs, UN agencies, private industry, and country-based community partners to design, improve, and deliver human-centric tools, innovative processes, and services that improve the health of people in the communities where they live. Dr. Perrone is a passionate educator and a highly experienced designer and implementer of educational programs to produce competent laboratory professionals, transferring deep knowledge of infectious disease pathology, diagnosis, and disease surveillance, as well as corresponding practical interventions for optimal diagnostic testing service delivery at national scale.

Dr. Perrone values partnership and local empowerment to solve complex health problems. Dr. Perrone has applied these values in her work, cultivating effective, multi-disciplinary teams and bolstering local leadership to address complex health problems with projects in >25 countries in the Americas, Africa, Asia and the Middle East and Africa.