Mycology – Samples Description

Each Proficiency Testing survey consists of 2-3 samples for culture and 2-3 fungal smears for direct examination. The number of samples per shipment that a laboratory receives depends on the Mycology Program they subscribe to.

Yeast (Sample-1)

This challenge is a simulated clinical sample containing a yeast or yeast-like organism for identification. Samples can be simulated urine, skin scrapings, sterile fluids, etc. (Mycology Basic participants always receive skin samples). Susceptibility testing can be performed on yeasts by those laboratories with the capacity to do so.

Dermatophytes (Sample-2)

This challenge simulates a sample from superficial infections (skin, hair, nails) and contains a dermatophyte for identification.

Molds (Sample-3)

This challenge is a simulated sample containing a mold for identification and clinical interpretation.

Yeast screens (Samples -YA, YB and YC)

Swabs containing a yeast culture for identification.

Fungal Smears (Samples -A, B, and C)

These slides are prepared with real epithelial cells for direct examination using KOH or Calcofluor White tests. The slides may or may not contain fungal elements.

Samples included per shipment for each Mycology program

ProgramSamples for CultureFungal SmearsYeast Screens
Mycology PlusSamples 1, 2, and 3Samples A, B, and C
Dermatophyte MycologySamples 1 and 2Samples A and B
Yeast ScreenSamples YA, YB, and YC
Fungal SmearSamples A, B, and C

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