Mycology – Reports

Results Report

Results for Mycology are due six weeks after the shipping date.

Results can be conveniently reported online or sent by fax using our reporting forms.

Results Feedback

Each laboratory receives a personalized Result Letter that can be conveniently and confidentially viewed on line.

Each letter contains

  • Expected results
  • Laboratory results
  • Grades assigned
  • Comments

Results are available to participants in critique format. The critiques include the expected results, comparison of results, reviews and recommendations by the Expert Committee.


Each Mycology critique includes

  • Expected results
  • Reference laboratories results
  • Inter-laboratory comparison of results reported
  • Grades assigned (see Grading Scheme)

Also included

  • Organism identification information
  • Clinical Relevance
  • Susceptibility testing
  • Photographs of organisms

CMPT’s critiques are written and discussed by the Expert Committee and are an invaluable and practical educational resource for the laboratory staff.

Contact CMPT Coordinator Esther Kwok for more information about our EQA programs                          604-827-1754