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Enteric Parasitology Preliminary Results

Preliminary results for survey PA1910 are available now.

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Stool for Enteric Pathogens detection: EP1904-1: Vibrio species EP1904-2: Yersinia species EP1904-3: Salmonella species EP1904-4: Campylobacter species – Shipped April 23, 2019

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2019-2020 PT Programs Order forms available

The 2019-2020 PT programs Order Forms are available online.  Due date to register for the 2017-2018 PT programs is March 24, 2017    

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Pauline Tomlin joins CMPT’s Enteric Parasitology Committee

Welcome Pauline Tomlin to CMPT’ Enteric Parasitology Committee We would like to welcome Pauline Tomlin to CMPT’s Enteric Parasitology Committee. Pauline is a medical laboratory technologist with the Provincial Laboratory for Public Health- University of Alberta Hospital  

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Change in Identifier Nomenclature

The nomenclature of Enteric Parasitology and Mycology challenges has changed to allow better differentiation between the two programs. Starting in  April 2016, Enteric Parasitology challenges will have the letters PA before the challenge number e.g.: PA1604-1 Starting in September 2016, Mycology

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Reminder to laboratories: HPTA licence required

As the Human Pathogens and Toxins Act (HPTA) comes into full force, any laboratory working with Risk 2 or higher organisms, needs to apply for a HPTA licence.

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