Client Satisfaction Surveys

CMPT annually seeks the opinions of our stakeholders, in part as a requirement of our certification, but more importantly, because it provides us with information that leads to our own evaluation and opportunities for improvement.

2015-2016:    CMPT’s website redesign – CMPT’ Professional Development Course

2014-2015:    CMPT’s appeal process.

2013-2014:    International EQA Training Program – CMPT’s website

2012-2013:    The use of CMPT program as part of the laboratory’s Quality Management program.

2011-2012:    Supplemental Gram stain program

2010-1011:    Customer Perception of CMPT’s Quality, CMPT Challenge Critiques, CMPT’s Newsletter Connections.

2009-2010:    Drinking Water program

2008-2009:    Overall CMPT perception as a Quality Partner

Check the Annual Reports for each period to read more about each survey.