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Shipped November 15, 2021 Expected results: COV2111-1: Positive COV2111-2: Positive  COV2111-3: Positive COV2111-4: Positive Participant’s results - Antigen methods ReportedCOV2111-1COV2111-2COV2111-3COV2111-4 Positive26 (Acceptable)25 (Acceptable)25 (Acceptable)40 (Acceptable) Negative17 (Unacceptable)18 (Unacceptable)18 (Unacceptable)3 (Unacceptable) Total43434343   Participant’s results - Nucleic acid methods ReportedCOV2111-1COV2111-2COV2111-3COV2111-4 Positive23 (Acceptable)24 (Acceptable)24
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Stool: Clostridium difficile common antigen and toxin/toxin gene CT2111A: Negative/Negative    CT2111B:Positive/Positive

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Stool for Shiga Toxin determination – Shipped ST2111-1: Positive      ST2111-2: Negative      ST2111-3: Positive     

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W213 Final Results

W213 Drinking Water – Final Results – Survey Shipped: October 24, 2021

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H213 Final Results

H213 HPC Testing for Drinking Water – Final Results – Survey Shipped: October 24, 2021

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M213 Preliminary Results

Shipped: November 01, 2021 G213 – Wound  : 3+ (6-10/oif) neutrophils – 3+ (11-50/oif) gram positive bacilli (Clostridium sporogenes) M213-1 – Urine (nephrostomy tube): >100 x 106cfu/L Enterococcus gallinarum M213-2 – Stool: Salmonella enterica M213-3 – BAL: Legionella pneumophila M213-4 –

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W213 & H213 Preliminary Results

Shipped: October 25, 2021

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Fall 2021

ISSN 1496-3876                                             Fall 2021                               
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COVID-19 EQA Satisfaction Survey

In February 2021, CMPT set off on a new program, to provide proficiency testing (EQA) for units providing rapid testing for COVID-19.  This was something novel for CMPT and others on many accounts. From CMPT perspective, this was the first

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Comparison of three Covid-19 RAD kits using PT samples

Three Health Canada approved rapid antigen detection (RAD) commercial kits were tested against Covid-19 proficiency testing samples to compare their performance. Kits were tested against different dilutions of the reference material and after the sample had been incubated under different
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