Winter 2021-2022


ISSN 1496-3876                                             Winter 2021-2022                                           Volume 25 Issue 4

Covid-19 Proficiency testing - One year later

The annual PT program consists of 6 shipments of 1 set of 4 samples that are either positive or negative for Covid-19 antigen and RNA. The first shipment was sent on March 2021 and the last one for the year, on January 2022.

We present here a year worth of experience and data.

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Expert Committee changes

CMPT would like to welcome Tanis Dingle to the Mycology committee and Katrina Hurley and Jessica Forbes to the Clinical Microbiology committee. We would like to thank all our new members for the time they volunteer to provide their expertise to CMPT and its clients, we greatly appreciate it.

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Thank You!

This last year has been incredibly busy and challenging for all of us, and especially for our Committee Members. Despite that, they have supported us and continued to collaborate with CMPT with their expertise, experience, and resources.

I wanted to express our gratitude to them for what they have done during this very challenging year.

Veronica Restelli


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