Welcome Dr. Lucy Perrone to CMPT

Dr. Lucy Perrone has started her appointment as the Donald B. Rix Professorship in Laboratory Quality and is now the acting Chair of CMPT and the Director or the Program Office for Laboratory Quality Management.

Dr. Perrone worked as an Associate Professor of Global Health and Laboratory Medicine at the University of Washington and as the Director of Laboratory Systems Strengthening at I-TECH, (International Training and Education Center for Health). Dr. Perrone is a laboratory advisor specialized infectious disease diagnosis and surveillance, laboratory systems and capacity building, and improving human resources for health in resource-limited countries.

She is deeply passionate about improving the lives of others and believe that technology has transformative power when combined with health system strengthening efforts that put people first.

Dr. Perrone has previously worked with Dr. Noble in various international projects of Laboratory Strengthening and has been a guest speaker at various POLQM conferences.

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