Expert Committee changes

Thank you Quantine Wong

After almost 20 years, we say goodbye to Quantine Wong. Quantine has been part of our Enteric Parasitology expert committee since 2003. She has been and invaluable help to CMPT during all these years, volunteering her expertise, her knowledge and her services. We are so thankful for her dedication and we wish her all the best on her retirement!!

Thank you Brandi Keller

Brandi has been part of our Clinical Bacteriology expert committee since 2014. We would like to thank her for her commitment to CMPT and the time she volunteered to share advice, expertise, and knowledge with us.

Welcome Catherine Hogan to the Enteric Parasitology expert committee

Dr. Catherine Hogan is a medical microbiologist, infectious diseases physician and epidemiologist with a passion for innovative diagnostic methods. She recently completed post-doctoral training at Stanford University, where she developed, optimized and improved diagnostic methods for infectious diseases. She is now initiating her career at the BC Centre for Disease Control, where she will take on the role of medical microbiologist while pursuing an independent research career with the objective to improve public health outcomes.

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