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Shipped May 11, 2021 Expected results: COV2105-1: Positive COV2105-2: Negative  COV2105-3: Positive Participant’s results Methods: 24 labs used Antigen detection methods – 11 labs used Nucleic Acid detection methods CMPT QA/QC: Samples were prepared at CMPT; samples were tested for

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Covid-19 - Shipped: March 15 and April 06, 2021 COV2103-1: Positive      COV2103-2: Positive      COV2103-3: Negative Participant's results: ReportedCOV2103-1COV2103-2COV2103-3 Positive20 (Acceptable)16 (Acceptable) Negative 2 (Unacceptable) 7 (Unacceptable)22 (Acceptable) Inconclusive1 (Unacceptable) *1 (Ungraded) ** Total232323 (*)Lab did not
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First survey released

Our first Covid-19 survey has been shipped. Although to a slow start, the second shipment in May will have 40 participants!

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