Seeking Volunteers for PT Technical Committees: Clinical Bacteriology, Enteric Parasitology, and Water Microbiology

CMPT is seeking volunteers to sit on its Proficiency Testing Technical Committees for the following disciplines: Clinical Bacteriology, Enteric Parasitology, Water Microbiology.

All members in all committees are actively involved in programmatic review and critique development. They play an essential role as partners for selecting challenges, assessing results, and creating critiques.

Functions of the Technical Committee

  1. Inform CMPT of probable changes in technology and laboratories’ needs, changing policies, or landscape in the corresponding field so that CMPT can adjust samples, programs, formulations to satisfy those needs.
  2. Meet (virtually) to discuss results for each survey and grading after a survey is finished. Grade laboratories’ performance and create challenges’ critiques with results comparison and educational content (Clinical Bacteriology and Enteric Parasitology)
  3. Contribute stories to CMPT’s e-newsletter.
  4. Meet on an Annual basis (usually October) to select challenges for the upcoming year’s surveys

Expectations of committee members:

  • Regularly attend committee meetings and important related activities (4/year for Clinical Bacteriology, 3/year for Enteric Parasitology, at least 1/year for Water Microbiology)
  • Actively participate in the committees’ annual evaluation and planning efforts.

CMPT considers the following criteria when selecting:

  • Geographic location (CMPT would like to have representation of all provinces – All provinces are welcome to apply however applicants from BC will be given priority)
  • Qualifications
  • Role in the laboratory (CMPT would like to have a representation of clinical microbiologists and medical laboratory technologists)

If you would like to apply, please send us an e-mail at

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