What is new at CMPT for 2018?

We have a busy year ahead, with our regular programs already on full gear.

This year CMPT introduced two new PT programs: Acid Fast Bacilli and Enteric Panel:


-The program is suitable for laboratories performing Acid Fast stains to detect Acid Fast Bacilli in clinical samples. It consists of three simulated smears for staining  per shipment and it ships three times a year.



-The program is suitable for laboratories investigating Salmonella, Shigella, Yersinia, C. jejuni, and E. coli O157 H7 by Multiplex or other molecular methods.  Includes two shipments/year and 4 simulated stool samples/shipment.


The Trichomonas vaginalis program got a facelift last year; the sample production method was modified to make the challenges suitable for laboratories performing antigen detection and also for those using molecular methods.

The grading system for the Clostridium difficile program will be modified from a 4 point system to a “Acceptable” / “Unacceptable” system.

The Professional Development Course started in January and is well underway with 85 participants! We keep receiving positive feedback for which we are very thankful.

The second manuscript on Patient Safety data “Laboratory Error Reporting Rates Can Change Significantly with Year-Over-Year Examination.”  has been accepted for publication in DIAGNOSIS and should be available online soon.

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