We say goodbye to Suhanya Bhuvanendran

image of Suhanya

We want to thank Suhanya Bhuvanendran for her many years of hard work at CMPT, her dedication and loyalty.

During all this time, Suhanya wore many hats: web manager, water microbiology expert, laboratory safety officer, administrative extraordinaire, overall technical support, all of them with excellent competency and responsibility.

Other less official roles were: Diwali Fest snacks provider, seasonal lab decorator (responsibility shared with Esther Kwok), emotional support, listening ear, reliable good friend.

Although we are sad to see her go, we want to wish Suhanya all the best in her new job; we know that she will continue to grow in her professional life and we wish she reaches all her goals.

Thank you Suhanya for your kindness, your loyalty, and your friendship.

I want to bid farewell to CMPT staff and the committee members.

I have enjoyed working for CMPT for more than 10 years. During these years I was able to learn and excel in my work only because of the support, guidance and encouragement I received from all of CMPT staff. CMPT has made a huge difference in my personal and professional life and has groomed me for the ‘outside’ world better than years of schooling has. 🙂

I remember being in awe of the amount of knowledge being exchanged at my first committee meeting. And in October 2015 committee meeting, I remember being in as much awe as I was in 2005. I will certainly miss these meetings, the dinners and the great company that gave me memories to last a lifetime!

I can only wish that my new workplace will give such rewarding experiences and supportive colleagues!

I sincerely wish CMPT, its staff and the committee members success in all its future endeavors.

Thank you for everything!

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