Thank you Dr. Diane Roscoe

After 24 years of serving on the CMPT Clinical Bacteriology Committee we are saying good-bye to Dr. Roscoe, at least for the time being.  Dr. Roscoe, in her own style, has been a thought provoker on the committee, sitting back and listening, only to quietly pose the always correct piercing central question, resulting in the appropriate pause and rethink and an adjusted committee decision.   Over the years Diane has created more than 50 critiques for CMPT which has been a huge impact on the education and outreach value of CMPT.

Congratulations to Diane on her decision to move to Qatar.   Perhaps we will see her again at CMPT, maybe as an at-distance contributor.

   Mike Noble

My affiliation with CMPT goes back to about 1994, and I really can’t imagine my professional life without it. Over these many years CMPT has offered me the opportunity to  collaborate with and learn from so many knowledgeable (and really nice) people as we discussed – and sometimes energetically debated!– the issues. I have been so impressed with what CMPT has accomplished and the leadership CMPT provides-locally, nationally, and globally – to advocate for quality in Laboratory Medicine. I have been honoured to be a part of CMPT and proud to say so. Of course, you can’t talk about the impact of CMPT without mentioning Mike Noble – he gave me my first position in Vancouver, even before my membership on the Bacteriology Committee, and happily our careers have been intertwined ever since. Thank you Mike and thank all of you who have helped me contribute to laboratory quality. I will miss being part of such an amazing organization.

D. Roscoe

I‘ve had the pleasure of knowing Diane for 27 years, and we’ve worked together most of those years in the laboratory and at CMPT, where she was a committee member of the Clinical Bacteriology program.

She has a generous spirit and has shared her wealth of microbiology knowledge to the healthcare community and especially to CMPT.

CMPT has benefited greatly from her 24 years of participation, with her unique insight, enthusiasm, humour and invaluable support, she has been a very good friend to our program.  We’ve shared many memorable moments (sometimes at opposing sides of tennis matches), and I will miss her personally and her presence on the committee.

On behalf of CMPT and the committees, I wish her new adventures and all the best in her new life in Doha, Qatar!

Esther Kwok

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