Connections Summer 2019

VOLUME 23    NUMBER 2         SUMMER – 2019            ISSN 1496-3876

CMPT Informatics Survey

In 2018 CMPT updated its online entering and accessing results with the intention to make the process more user friendly and with the additional goal of moving the managing activities from a third party back to CMPT control. After one year of implementation, we asked our customers how they felt about the change.

In 2015 -CMPT surveyed participant attitudes towards our online informatics presence.  Unfortunately, there were a number of concerns highlighted with respect to its functionality and friendliness.  CMPT committed to revise the site

An opportunity arose in 2018 when our data entry provider developed some in-company problems.


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Save the Date! – 2019 POLQM Quality Conference

Dates: November 24—26, 2019

Place: St. Paul’s Hospital Conference Centre

Vancouver, BC

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