CMPT’s Video Challenge

As part of the February 2017 Clinical Microbiology survey, CMPT sent its first Video Challenge (VC164). CMPT has been using its Paper Challenge as a way to evaluate extra-analytical processes in the total laboratory testing process.
This year, CMPT introduced the Video Challenge as a new format to present scenarios where different types of laboratory errors may occur.
The advantages of the Video Challenge are many and among them, the error is not obviously stated, participants need to recognize it. Also, the scenario is not limited to a few sentences that can be misinterpreted or interpreted differently by the laboratories.
Because this was the first use of a video challenge, the opinions of participants were asked to review the experience, using a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 was considered extremely negative and 5 was considered extremely positive.
As can be seen in the attached graphs, the response was quite positive.

We hope that this format will allow for more flexibility, and that it is useful for our participants as a teaching and learning tool.

CMPT is committed to continual improvement and we continue to explore new ways of testing the laboratory process through means that allow for the education of the laboratory staff.

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