CMPT Professional Development Course – A Survey

As part of its annual Customer Satisfaction review, CMPT seeks the feedback of its clients through surveys that target different aspects or services provided.

This year, CMPT focused on one of our educational components, the Professional Development course offered to Laboratory Technologists and Microbiology Residents.

During 2020 we had 80 active participants, and although lower than the previous years, their participation during a challenging year where the main administrator of the course was absent, means that these students are committed to learn and find the course useful and valuable.

Most respondents indicated that they participated in all three course categories: Clinical Bacteriology, Mycology, and Parasitology.

There was strong support for the informational value of the critiques (Figure 1) and most indicated that the course was useful for their learning, keeping up to date with their knowledge in clinical microbiology, and for their professional development (Figure 2).

"As a laboratory professional, I have learned useful information that my laboratory is not up to date with."

Figure 1

In addition to responding to the survey questions, the course received many positive comments.

Based on this survey we believe that with respect to providing participants with educational, informative value, our participants strongly supported our efforts.

This is very encouraging for us as we not only strive to provide our clients with valuable challenges and samples, but to educate the laboratory community to reach the highest quality possible.

These surveys are a great opportunity to get feedback so we can continue to improve in the quality of services/education we offer.

Next year, the course will run more smoothly with the return of our main administrator and with the automation of quiz results tables that will allow us to get rid of the confirmation emails.

Participants will be able to have their quiz results tables updated as they finish the quizzes replacing the manually updated ones.

"It is a well defined course and beneficial as well."

Figure 2

We want to thank our participants for their feedback and look forward to having many more fruitful years.

"Excellent course as is. Enjoy it thoroughly."

"Clinical interpretation is good information presented in the critiques."

"Great way to get CE credits."

Do you want to register for the 2021 CMPT Professional Development course?

Registration will start in November 2020. Please visit the course’s website: for more information

Technologists working at CMPT participant laboratories register for free.

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