CMPT Committee Members and Staff Changes

Thank you Lorraine Campbell

We are very sorry to see Lorraine go from our Clinical Bacteriology committee. Lorraine has been invaluable in her contributions to the committee and CMPT.

She has always been very encouraging and a firm supporter of quality in the laboratory.

Her insightful comments and her lab tech point of view have helped CMPT to remain grounded on what our mandate is.

I personally would like to acknowledge her role in the creation of the Professional Development course, as it was her suggestion that moved us to create and offer this course for free to the lab techs.

Thank you Lorraine, we will miss you!

Veronica, CMPT editor

Thank you Dr. John Galbraith

Dr. John Galbraith joined CMPT in 2005. During all these years his contributions to the CMPT Clinical Bacteriology Committee have been invaluable and we are very grateful for all his hard work.

CMPT has benefited greatly from his  years of participation, with his unique insight, enthusiasm, and invaluable support.

We wish Dr. Galbraith all the best and are very thankful for his support all these years.

We say good bye to Fion Yung

We are sad to see Fion Yung go. Fion Yung joined CMPT on June 2015 and during 4 years she contributed greatly to CMPT activities. Fion Yung quickly adapted to the job and in a very short time she was handling programs on her own.

Here at CMPT we enjoyed her joyful personality and her hard work and commitment.

Fion took a job with BC Cancer and we would like to wish her the best in her new position.

Welcome Shadi Alami

We would like to introduce Shadi Alami. Shadi joined CMPT on August 2019. She holds a MSc degree in Medical Microbiology from the Mashhad University of Medical Sciences in Iran.

We look forward to working with her and believe she is a valuable addition to the CMPT team.

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