Newsletter – Current Issue

VOLUME 24 NUMBER 3                                 FALL 2020                                   ISSN 1496-3876

The Year in Review

This last year,  2019-2020, has been a particularly challenging one for CMPT.  The departure of one of our technologists, Fion Yung, and the temporary absence of our Editor, Veronica Restelli in October 2019 put an extra burden on CMPT staff to deliver the services and  fulfill existing engagements with our clients.


CMPT added Shadi Alami as a technologist to the staff in August 2019 and Issa McKinnon joined CMPT as administrative assistant in January 2020. Even with those additions, our coordinator, Esther Kwok, and senior technologist Caleb Lee, had to take on the editorial and web manager functions until our Editor returned in July 2020.


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 CMPT Professional Development Course – A Survey

As part of its annual Customer Satisfaction review, CMPT seeks the feedback of its clients through surveys that target different aspects or services provided.

This year, CMPT focused on one of our educational components, the Professional Development course offered to Laboratory Technologists and Microbiology Residents.


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Welcome Issa Abrams-McKinnon

CMPT welcomes Issa Abrams-McKinnon to its team. Issa joined CMPT in January  2020 as an administrative assistant to help with CMPT’s ever growing and complex logistics.


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We say goodbye to Dr. Titus Wong

Dr. Wong joined the Clinical Bacteriology committee  in 2012.

We want to thank Dr. Wong for his time and dedication to CMPT.


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We say goodbye to Dr. Kathy Majejczyk

Dr. Kathy Majejczyk joined the Clinical Bacteriology committee in 2019. We want to thank Dr. Majeczyk for her time and contribution to CMPT.

We wish Dr. Majeiczyk all the best.