Newsletter – Current Issue

VOLUME 23 NUMBER 3                                 FALL 2019                                   ISSN 1496-3876

Are you meeting the expectations?

The challenge for laboratorians, is how to measure if our customers view us as meeting their expectation and requirements.  You can ask opinions through surveys or find another approach that allows the laboratory to reach the same conclusion, without depending solely on satisfaction surveys.


The Essential Core of Quality is based on the question “are you meeting the expectations and requirements of your customers?”  is built into the definition of Quality as iterated by Philip Crosby and accepted by the International Organization for Standardization, which is the seat of our country’s Quality framework.


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 CMPT Professional Development Course Update

The 2020 course will start in January 2020 and will have a slightly different format as our main course administrator will be on leave for most of the course duration.


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 CMPT Committee Members and Staff changes

We say goodbye to Lorraine Campbell and John Galbraith, both members of our Bacteriology Committee and also to Fion Yung, a valuable staff member.

We also welcome Shadi Alami to the CMPT team.


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