Established in 1982, CMPT provides external assessment challenges (EQA) for
Clinical Microbiology and Water Testing Laboratories. CMPT adheres to the philosophy that as a university based program, in addition to providing support for accreditation and regulatory specifications, there exists a mandate for CMPT to support continual improvement and continuing education and to provide a platform to support academic pursuits.


CMPT as Quality Leader

As a nationally and internationally valued contributor to EQA innovation and education, CMPT provides information, expertise, and services to interested persons or groups.

CMPT operates a Quality Management System certified to meet the requirements of  ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management Systems.

CMPT provides Microbiology Proficiency Testing services that are accredited to meet the requirements of ISO 17043:2010 – Conformity assessment: General requirements for proficiency testing.

CMPT as EQA Provider

CMPT is a National and International provider of EQA programs for Microbiology laboratories.

CMPT meets the International Standards Organization (ISO) requirement for EQA providers to provide samples that to the extent possible, look and act like true samples, so that they can be handled and processed as usual as possible.

CMPT samples are realistic, not lyophilized, often incorporate complex flora, and do not require special or particular prior-processing.


CMPT as EQA Educator

International EQA Training for laboratory professionals interested in implementing EQA programs in their communities.

CMPT has developed education hands-on programs that are useful for sharing the establishment of microbiology oriented EQA services that are appropriate for programs from diverse regions and experience.

Organizations interested in learning more about the CMPT training program should contact CMPT.