Survey Frequency

Includes 3 simulated clinical samples (not lyophilized) of variable complexity for culture and susceptibility testing, 3 smears for direct examination and detection of hyphae. The survey includes one yeast challenge, one dermatophyte challenge, and one mold challenge. At least one of the challenges requires susceptibility testing and reporting.

Simulated samples include blood, wounds, urine, genital, sterile sites, stools, throat/ear/eye swabs, screening samples, etc.

Samples per survey: 3 culture samples, 3 smear for direct examination

3 surveys per year

Ships: April, August, November

Analytes/Parameters Monitored

Isolation, identification, and reporting of fungi. Susceptibility testing and interpretation. Clinically relevant reports. Detection of hyphae on simulated direct smears.

Group results for each challenge are provided with an educational critique generated by expert technical committee. (see an example critique)