External Quality Assessment for COVID-19 Testing

This program provides External Quality Assessment for those facilities performing testing on nasopharyngeal swabs for SARS CoV-2 (COVID-19) to demonstrate their methods produce accurate and timely results on patient samples.



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The product that will be shipped contains viral materials that simulate typical samples. Importantly the material has been rendered NON-INFECTIOUS, however, similar to typical clinical samples collected from patients, clients, if mishandled can potentially contaminate workstations and can result in contaminated samples. Handle carefully, and keep your workstation free from contamination.

NOTE: our samples are stable at room temperature to withstand shipping conditions. Samples should be processed immediately after being received but if this is not possible, we recommend placing the samples at 4C

Laboratories receive a small amount of test material in a small tube; in order to test this material, laboratories should insert a fresh swab into the tube and roll the swab tip in the test material for about 5-10 seconds to ensure the tip has absorbed the material.

Once the swab has absorbed the testing material it can be considered the same as a typical nasopharyngeal swab. It is now ready for testing using Rapid Antigen Testing kits or PCR testing methods.

Covid-19 Sample Handling and Reporting Instructions (pdf)



Results should be reported as Positive or Negative. If after performing the test, you are unable to make a determination of Positive or Negative, record as Inconclusive.

The results can be immediately reported to CMPT using the MEMBERS ONLY portal at Please note that once the test result is entered, it cannot be changed. You will receive immediate feedback as to whether your result is consistent or inconsistent with the expected result.

Please note that for BC laboratories the results of Proficiency Testing Surveys will be shared with the BC Diagnostic Accreditation Program (DAP).

A comparative report will be posted online on the member’s portal after the results have been compiled and analyzed.


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This program will provide four (4) samples per shipment; shipments will be on a two monthly basis for a total of 3 shipments over a 12 month period.

See Shipping schedule



Please check the ordering page for program fees.

Please note that shipping costs for sending packages to the testing site(s) is an additional cost.

Interested clients can order online



A 15 sample verification panel is available for laboratories that need to comply with accreditation bodies requirements.

If you need more information about the Verification Panel, please contact CMPT.

Please note that the results of the Verification Panel will not be automatically forwarded to the DAP; this should be done by the laboratory.