Acid Fast Bacilli

External Quality Assessment for Acid Fast Bacilli detection

This program is suitable for laboratories performing Acid Fast stains to detect Acid Fast Bacilli in clinical samples

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Three shipments per year: April, July, and September.

Shipping schedule

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3 simulated smears for staining per shipment

Results Report and Feedback

Results for Acid Fast Bacilli are due two weeks after the shipping date.

Results can be conveniently reported online or sent by fax using our reporting forms.

Each laboratory receives a personalized Result Letter that can be conveniently and confidentially viewed on line.

Each letter contains

  • Expected results
  • Laboratory results
  • Grades assigned

Results are available online. The results include the expected results, comparison of results among participants, and grades.

Acid Fast Bacilli – FACT SHEET (PDF)

Contact CMPT Coordinator Esther Kwok for more information about our EQA programs                       604-827-1754