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This paper challenge was sent to category A and C1 laboratories. The following scenario was presented to participants:

A staff member who works as a laboratory technologist returns from maternity leave (after 18 months). Her primary role prior to her leave was examining and reporting on patient samples. She is informed that to facilitate her return to work she will need to be aware of the changes that have occurred during her absence and will need to undergo Competence Assessment which will be performed by a skilled laboratory member.

Should competence assessment for this laboratory technologist, following extended leave include one of, or all, the following approaches:

A- Observation of routine work processes and procedures

B- Observation of applicable safety practices

C- Assessment of problem-solving skills

D- Examination of specially provided samples, such as previously examined samples or proficiency testing samples

E- All of the above

F- Competence assessment, in this scenario, is not required


  1. Competence Assessment following a prolonged work diversion or absence is essential to ensure that people know and understand their most current work responsibilities

Full critique (PDF)

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