Expected answer: D – Shipped August 15, 2016


The challenge was sent to category A, B, C, and C1 laboratories. The following scenario was presented to participants:

You receive a phone call from a physician who received a patient’s report indicating Neisseria gonorrhoeae had been isolated from the patient’s specimen. However, no specimen had been collected from the patient. How would you proceed?

A. Cancel the specimen and delete from the patient’s record

B. Ask the physician to discard and ignore the report

C. Immediately require the accessioning technologist to be retrained

D. None of the above



  1. Once the laboratory has tested a sample and generated a report, the sample record cannot be simply discarded.
  2. Medical laboratories, regardless of their accreditation body, require a quality plan that specifically addresses the problems associated with “non-conformities”
  3. The Quality Management standard ISO 15189: 2012 (medical laboratories – requirements for quality and competence) makes it clear that the laboratory should have a plan ready that so that action can be taken immediately, which in this situation would be to investigate and remediate.

Full critique (PDF)

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