Shipped February 2013


The challenge was sent to category A, B, C, and C1 laboratories. Participants were presented with the following scenario:

An organism has been isolated in your lab. However, the organism nomenclature had changed a year ago and the new nomenclature begins to appear in literature. How would you report the organism?

Please select the one option that best describes your lab’s protocol.

A. Report the new nomenclature and, in brackets, the old nomenclature, i.e. new name (old name).

B. Report the new nomenclature only.

C. Report the old nomenclature only.

D. Report the old nomenclature and, in brackets, the new nomenclature, i.e. old name (new name).


  1. If a bacterial name is changed or a new species reported, it is the laboratory’s responsibility to ensure that clinicians are aware of the significance of the organism being reported in these cases.
  2. There may be value in laboratory representatives meeting and seeking consensus in the adoption of taxonomic changes.

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