Blood: Bacillus thuringiensis – Shipped February 08, 2021


A simulated blood culture sample collected from 8 year old neutropenic female with leukemia, sample drawn from central line was sent to category A laboratories. Participants were expected to identify Bacillus thuringiensis and report susceptibility.


  1. Isolates of Bacillus spp. should be always be considered in the context of the patient, and not simply dismissed as contaminants – particularly when recovered from sterile fluids.
  2. B. cereus is a well recognized opportunistic pathogen, and, along with B. thuringiensis (although more rarely) has been shown to cause infection in immunocompromised individuals – susceptibility testing should always be performed when these organisms are isolated from sterile sites.
  3. Any isolate of the B. cereus group should always be evaluated to exclude B. anthracis.

Full critique (PDF)

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