Wound: Clostridium perfringens – Shipped February 08, 2021


A simulated wound sample collected from 23 year old car crash victim was sent to category A laboratories. Participants were expected to report Clostridium perfringens and perform susceptibility testing.


  1. The double zone hemolysis and colonial morphology on anaerobic blood agar, Brucella agar or PEA agar is suggestive of C. perfringens.
  2. C. perfringens is readily identified by MALDI-TOF, using commercial databases.
  3. While anaerobic gram positive bacilli is technically correct, correlation of this result with a Gram stain result that has gram positive rods suggestive of Clostridium would provide the clinician with valuable information that could save the patient’s limb or life.
  4. Given the clinical severity of infections with this organism, identification to the species level, or reference to a centre for speciation, is indicated.

Full critique (PDF)

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