M202- Preliminary Results

M202  – Shipped August 10, 2020


G202 – Joint Fluid: 1-5/oif (2+) neutrophils, 2-10/oif (2+) gram negative diplococci and gram positive bacilli (Moraxella catarrhalis and Bacillus circulans).

M202-1 – Midstream urine: Proteus mirabilis

M202-2 – Stool: Yersinia enterocolitica

M202-3 – Wound: Streptococcus pyonenes + Staphylococcus aureus

M202-4 – Joint fluid: Moraxella catarrhalis + Bacillus circulans

M202-5 – Blood: Fusobacterium necrophorum

PC202: answer B

GS202-1 – CSF: no white blood cells, >10 (4+) red blood cells; 2-10/oif (2+) yeast (Cryptococcus species)

GS202-2 – Joint fluid: 6-10/oif (3+) neutrophils, 11-50/oif (3+) gram negative coccobacilli (Haemophilus influenzae)

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