Pleural fluid: Aggregatibacter aphrophilus – Shipped 10 August 2015


A simulated pleural fluid sample collected from a 40 year old ICU patient with chest pain was sent to category A laboratories.

Participants were expected to isolate / identify and report Aggregatibacter aphrophilus. No antimicrobial susceptibility testing was required. Participants were also expected to correlate this sample with the Gram stain challenge G152.


  1. Commercial identification systems may require supplemental classical tests in order to confirm identification or referral to a reference laboratory for identification. It is also important, when using a commercial system, to select an appropriate panel type for the more fastidious organisms such as those in the HACEK group.
  2. MALDI-TOF MS technology appears to perform well in confirming genus and species identification of HACEK related organisms, including A. aphrophilus, however databases may need extending, and additional validation may be required initially.

Full critique (PDF)

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