Sputum: Klebsiella pneumoniae, viridans group streptococci – Shipped November 2012


A simulated sputum sample obtained from a 43 year old alcoholic male, in-patient with aspiration pneumonia was sent to category A and B laboratories.

Participants were expected to identify and report Klebsiella pneumoniae, normal respiratory flora, and perform susceptibilities. It was also expected the laboratories would correlate the results with the results reported for the Gram stain challenge (G123).


  1. K. pneumoniae is considered intrinsically resistant to ampicillin, Over 95 % of strains will test resistant to this agent. While much attention has been given recently to antimicrobial resistance in Klebsiella species, most isolates are still quite susceptible to cephalosporins, aminoglycosides, SXT, and fluoroquinolones.
  2. Testing and reporting agents depends on the clinical setting and local antimicrobial resistance patterns of these organisms.

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