Group B Streptococcus screen–  Shipped: April 23, 2018

GB1804-1: Negative

GB1804-2: Negative

GB1804-3: Positive

GB1804-4: Positive


Participants’ results

ChallengeExpected ResultsPositiveNegative
GB1804-1Negative24 (Acceptable)
GB1804-2Negative24 (Acceptable)
GB1804-3Positive24 (Acceptable)
GB1804-4Positive24 (Acceptable)

CMPT QC/QA/Statistics: 

Samples, GB1804-3 & -4, were group B Streptococcus positive and GB1804-1 & -2 were group B Streptococcus negative. All samples were homogeneous and stable for 20 days from the date of production, April 18, 2018.

All samples were produced by CMPT. Samples were randomly selected for QC/QA. Statistics are not applicable in qualitative surveys. CMPT results are listed in the above table.

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