Stool for Enteric Pathogens detection:

ENP2104-1: Negative

ENP2104-2: Yersinia species

ENP2104-3: Vibrio vulnificus

ENP2104-4: Salmonella enterica

– Shipped April 19, 2021

Participants’ results

Yersinia species 7 (Acceptable)
Salmonella species10 (Acceptable)
Vibrio species6 (Acceptable)
Negative10 (Acceptable)1 (Ungraded)*
1 (Unacceptable)
1 (Ungraded)*
1 (Unacceptable)
1 (Unacceptable)**
Negative, refer1 (Ungraded)1 (Ungraded)

* Method does not detect organism. Reported negative and indicated subsequent procedure
** Method does not detect organism but did not indicate subsequent procedure despite having received warning in previous survey: “In the future, please indicate whether a sample would be referred to another laboratory or if an alternate procedure would be used to identify the pathogen. CMPT now considers reporting the limitations of a method without indication of next steps as Unacceptable”.


All samples were produced by CMPT.  Samples were randomly selected for QC/QA. Statistical analysis is not applicable.

Sample EP2104-1 consisted of 4+ Escherichia coli which was homogenous and stable for 26 days.

Sample EP2104-2 consisted of 4+ Yersinia enterocolitica, which was homogenous and stable for 26 days

Sample EP2104-3 consisted of 2+ Vibrio vulnificus which was homogenous and stable for 19 days.

Sample EP2104-4 consisted of 4+ Salmonella enterica which was homogenous and stable for 26 days.

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