Stool for Enteric Pathogens detection:

ENP2008-1: Yersinia species

ENP2008-2: Salmonella species

ENP2008-3: Vibrio species

ENP2008-4: Escherichia coli O157

– Shipped August 17, 2020

Participants’ results

Yersinia species 6 (Acceptable)
Salmonella species9 (Acceptable)
Vibrio species4 (Acceptable)
E.coli O1579 (Acceptable)
Negative, refer1 (Ungraded)1 (Ungraded)
Negative2 (Unacceptable)*3 (Unacceptable)*
1 (Unacceptable)
No report1 (Unacceptable)1 (Unacceptable)1 (Unacceptable)1 (Unacceptable)

* In the future, please indicate whether a sample would be referred to another laboratory or if an alternate procedure would be used to identify the pathogen. As per your EP2004 result letter, CMPT now considers reporting the limitations of a method without indication of next steps as “Unacceptable”.


All samples were produced by CMPT.  Samples were randomly selected for QC/QA. Statistical analysis is not applicable.

Sample EP2008-1 consisted of 3+ Yersinia enterocolitica which was homogenous and stable for 34 days.

Sample EP2008-2 consisted of 4+ Salmonella Enterica, which was homogenous and stable for 34 days

Sample EP2008-3 consisted of 3+ Vibrio vulnificus which was homogenous and stable for 21 days.

Sample EP2008-4 consisted of 3+ E. coli O157 which was homogenous and stable for 34 days.

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