Yeast Screen Survey: 1604  –  Shipped 11 April 2016

1604YA: No yeast present

1604YB: Candida species, not albicans (Candida krusei)

1604YC: Candida albicans



CMPT QA / QCNo yeast presentCandida kruseiCandida albicans
Lab #1No yeast isolated at 48 hYeast, not Candida albicansCandida albicans
Lab #2No yeast or Aspergillus isolatedYeast, not Candida albicans isolatedCandida albicans


CMPT QC/QA/Statistics: 

All samples produced by CMPT. All samples were homogenous and stable for at least 20 days from the date of production (April 6, 2016); CMPT results are listed in the above table. Random selection for QC/QA was not applicable in this survey. Statistics are not applicable in qualitative surveys.

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