External Quality Assessment for Mycology Laboratories

This program covers a wide variety of samples normally received by laboratories for culture, identification, susceptibility testing, and direct examination. The program is adaptable to different laboratory complexities.


Mycology Plus:

for laboratories processing a variety of clinical samples, performing culture and identification of molds, dermatophytes, and yeasts.

Dermatophyte Mycology:

for laboratories that only process superficial samples (skin, hair, nails) and do partial identification of yeasts and dermatophytes.

Yeasts Screen:    

for laboratories that only perform identification of yeasts

Fungal Smears:

for laboratories that only process slides for direct examination by KOH or Calcofluor White.

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Three shipments per year: January, April, September.

Dermatophyte Mycology: two shipments per year: April and September

Shipping schedule

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Mycology Plus: 3 samples for culture, identification, and susceptibility testing plus 3 slides for direct examination per shipment.

Dermatophyte Mycology: 2 samples for culture and identification plus 2 slides for direct examination per shipment.

Yeast Screen: 3 samples (swabs) for yeast identification per shipment.

Fungal Smears: 3 slides for direct examination per shipment

Contact CMPT Coordinator Esther Kwok for more information about our EQA programs                         604-827-1754